6 Mar

50 Boozy Cupcakes

50 boozy cupcakes

It is almost time for Saint Patrick’s Day! If ever there was a time for a list of the best 50 boozy cupcakes, that time is now. Whether you are staying in or going out, combining cupcakes and alcohol is sure to be a good time. There is something for everyone. Cupcakes made using beer, wine, champagne, vodka… You name it and if a cupcake is made with it I tried to add it in to the boozy cupcake list.  Continue reading

5 Mar

Snow Day Flash Giveaway

flash giveaway

It is actually snowing. After a few duds of storms I see snow outside. Whether or not we will get the full 4-8 inches or not is to be seen, but I am glad I made that door draft blocker yesterday while the baby napped. Now I can open the door and the boys can watch the snow from the glass door. My big plans when they go out to build a snowman a little later in the day I will be baking. Not only will the baby be able to look out the back door and watch the big kids play (he is only a fan of the snow from afar) I will be able to do some baking to get up in time for next week. I am making fun Saint Patty’s Day cupcakes (round 3 since I already have the Carbomb Cupcakes and the Mint Oreo Cupcakes). Continue reading

5 Mar

Strawberry Hamentashen

strawberry hamentashen

I LOVE Hamentashen. When I was growing up we would have donuts from the local donut shop every Saturday. My mom would buy a variety of donuts, Danishes, and sometimes Hamentashen. The cheese were my favorite, as were the Cheese Danish. I had no clue until recently that they were not just a yummy breakfast treat, but actually a Purim cookie. Who knew? Not me but I love them still. I thought this would be the perfect week to finally try my hand at making hamentashen myself. Continue reading

4 Mar

Shamrock Hat

shamrock hat

 Last month Jacob and I got crafty with the paper plates and made a Valentine’s Day hat. The picture of Jacob wearing his paper plate hat remains my husband’s profile picture. I took the idea behind the Valentine’s Day heart hat and tried to bring it into March with Saint Patrick’s Day and make a shamrock hat. While I was typing away the other morning Jacob was coloring beside me and inspiration hit. Continue reading

3 Mar

Mint Chocolate Chip Oreo Cupcakes

mint chocolate chip oreo cupcakes

To call these cupcakes a labor of love would be an understatement. I started the recipe with the cookie, then created the cupcake around it. I had a flop of a brownie recipe first, next was a cookie bar recipe that didnt pan out, then I was fortunate enough to have this cupcake one turn out right. I would have cried had these cupcakes not worked out. I really wanted a recipe using the Mint Oreos. These cupcakes also gave me a chance to try out my new Brighid’s Kitchen Silicone Baking Cups. Continue reading

2 Mar

Saint Patricks Day Handprint Rainbow

saint patricks day handprint rainbow

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming. The day where the Irish are Irish and the non Irish are Irish as well. I happen to be half Irish which makes the boys part Irish as well. I do not go all out and decorate the house as if it were Christmas when Saint Patrick’s Day comes, but I do like having a little something to hang on the doors. In lieu of hanging festive wreaths, I have been making canvases to hang on the doors for each holiday month and this month I helped the boys make a Saint Patricks Day Handprint Rainbow to hang on the side door. Continue reading

1 Mar

Best Dressed for Less Sale

My favorite time of winter is coming: consignment season. March is when the local pop up consignment sales for gently used children’s clothing and toys start around here. By far my favorite is the Best Dressed for Less Sale. If you remember from the fall installment, I was able to not only finish the Christmas shopping, but also get the boys their winter coats, Halloween costumes, and more for under $100.  Continue reading

28 Feb

Pineapple Cupcakes

pineapple cupcake

I love pineapples. They remind me of summer and the beach. I heard when pregnant that eating pineapples could help start labor and that was all the permission I needed to eat a whole one a day. I don’t think it really helped one way or another, but it was fun and satisfying. Michael has inherited the love of pineapple and eats them as fast as I cut them. We only buy fresh, but it is a pain to peel, slice and core them while trying to do 50 other things. I would eat them more often and cook with them more if I could cut those steps out without sacrificing freshness.  Continue reading

27 Feb

50 Chalkboard Paint Ideas

50 chalkboard paint ideas

I never heard about Chalkboard Paint until recently. I was sent chalk paint and being half asleep thought it was chalkboard paint until it arrived and I saw the error I had made. No big crisis, as chalk paint is pretty awesome to use and is the main type of paint in my mudroom in progress. When I was planning to make the post about the chalk paint, I of course researched chalkboard paint and did not get to use any of the cool ideas. Never fear, I simply put them all together in this round up for you and hopefully when I get a minute in my to do list I will get myself some chalkboard paint and make a few of these fun ideas. Making a list of 50 chalkboard paint ideas sounded even better. Continue reading

26 Feb

pineapple coconut chicken


I had such big plans for the can of coconut milk in my fridge. It was going to become paleo cool whip. I was going to put in on fruit and it was going to be yummy. Then it was going to go on red and blue fruit to make a Fourth of July dessert to post about on the blog. Then Fourth of July came and went and I still had the can of coconut milk in my fridge. Sure, I could have still whipped it up into a cool whip topping for my fruit, but I decided to try something a little different, even if it did involve fruit. Continue reading